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your123 stock.adobe.comDatabricks on Wednesday unveiled new features designed to enable enterprise customers to securely and cost effectively develop generative AI models and applications that deliver high quality outputs.Among the new tools is the M...

Keywords: openai, chatgpt, analytic, database, security
So I 39 m working on signature platform, and to handle the signature wrote this method function CursorSign console.log quot Cursor Sign quot var canvas document.getElementById quot sig canvas quot var ctx canvas.getContext quot 2d quot ...

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The partnership enables streamlined access to Databricks AI Functions, accelerating AI driven business outcomes Qlik, global leader in data integration, analytics, and artificial intelligence AI , announced new strategic integration with Databricks ...

Keywords: artificial intelligence, analytic, classification, turing
In the following code have problem with zooming. When the Mouse is on one position and zoom to this position, everthing is fine. But when move the Mouse to another position and zoom there, then the canvas moves to another position. think the problem ...

Keywords: container, html , html, css
Awesome 3D experience with VueJS and TresJS beginner 39 s guideVue.js developers are renowned for raving about the ease, flexibility, and speed of development their framework offers. Tres.js builds on this love for Vue by becoming the missing piece...

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British fintech unicorn Revolut is relocating its London headquarters to the financial district Canary Wharf. The fintech has committed to 10 year lease at the YY London building and will make the move in May 2025. Revolut, which has been seeking UK ...

Keywords: fintech, unicorn, test
The new Mosaic AI capabilities are part of Databricks ongoing commitment to helping customers harness the power of genAI while maintaining data privacy, quality, and cost effectiveness.The post Databricks Enhances Mosaic AI for Enterprise Ready AI A...

Keywords: database, generative, ai , tpu
Amazon SageMaker Canvas now supports deploying Foundation Models FMs to SageMaker real time inference endpoints, allowing you to bring generative AI capabilities into production and consume them outside the Canvas workspace. SageMaker Canvas is no ...

Keywords: no-code, api , ml
Rocket maker SpaceX and its CEO Elon Musk were sued by eight engineers who say they were illegally fired for raising concerns about alleged sexual harassment and discrimination against women.The engineers four women and four men claim Musk ordered th...

Keywords: aws
Data and AI giant Databricks announced host of new generative AI capabilities and major push to its open source strategy at the annual Data AI Summit. The new offerings, such as Mosaic AI Model Training, Mosaic AI for RAG, and Mosaic AI Gateway, in a...

Keywords: gpt, scala, api , database
With LakeFlow, data teams can now easily ingest data from databases such as MySQL, Postgres, and Oracle, as well as Salesforce, Dynamics, Sharepoint, Workday, NetSuite, and Google Analytics.The post Databricks Unveils LakeFlow, Simplifying Data Inges...

Keywords: analytic, database, analysis, scala, python
We re excited to open source Unity Catalog to drive the industry forward to an open standard for data and AI governance that gives customers openness and flexibility, says Databricks chief Ali Ghodsi. The post Databricks Open Sources Unity Catalog fo...

Keywords: machine learning, artificial intelligence, google
Molten Ventures has written up the value of its stake in British fintech Revolut as the investment firm 8217 s annual report shows the total value of its portfolio has grown to 1.38bn. Molten Ventures said it now values its stake in Revolut at 65.1m...

Keywords: test, fintech, quant, quantum comp
New research by the top US based crypto exchange Coinbase reveals that Fortune 500 companies are slowly opening up to blockchain. In new report, Coinbase details how blockchain technology is drawing top blue chip corporations. According to the crypto...

Keywords: bitcoin, cryptocurrency, crypto, rust, blockchain
It consists of AI BI Dashboards, low code interface for quickly creating interactive dashboards, and AI BI Genie, conversational interface that uses natural language to address ad hoc and follow up questions.The post Databricks Launches AI BI Compou...

Keywords: low-code, analytic, analysis, generative, data

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