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An attack on your Wi Fi network is not like bank robbery Instead of masked robbers blowing open the vault with loud noise, hacker inconspicuously approaches the router, searches for weak points and tries out several attack paths. Or he exploits know...

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According to Arkham Intel, the Huobi crypto exchange platform HTX fell victim to hacking incident resulting in the theft of 5000 ETH, valued at approximately 8 million. The hacker reportedly moved 1,000 ETH to separate wallet, 0x799, shortly after...

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In today s digital age, cyber threats are relentless challenge, regularly catching companies both big and small off guard. But just how fortified are your company s digital walls Would they hold firm under rigorous 8220 cybersecurity polygraph tes...

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Learn about the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan and what it means for businesses. Discover the key components of the plan....

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The usage of sophisticated e mail schemes by hackers to hack into the systems of law firms and public relations companies is on the rise, with hacker groups targeting law firms and public relations companies in an attempt to steal sensitive informati...

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HTX formerly Huobi Global was hacked for 8 million as hacker stole 5,000 Ether ETH . Justin Sun confirmed the hack today, noting the exchange offered the hacker 5 8220 white hat bonus 8221 to return the loot. HTX formerly Huobi Global is t...

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Catalyte is partnering to useto prepare apprentices for new career in the high growth field of cybersecurity. Apprentices will earn the Google Cybersecurity Certificate as part of. Built by cybersecurity experts at Google and vetted by national emplo...

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If you re planning to maintain project during Hacktoberfest this yearYour dedication and hard work won t go unnoticed. It s time to set aside any impostor syndrome feelings because you re about to make significant impact this coming month. Preparing ...

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Software supply chain security is enhanced significantly with the integration of adaptive AI technologies.Der Beitrag Securing the Software Supply Chain With AI erschien zuerst auf SwissCognitive, World Leading AI Network....

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new threat actor community recently came to light. carrying out some malicious cyberattacks.The online community, labelled as the Com, apparently consist of young skilled hackers who are carrying out sophisticated campaigns and high profile breaches....

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Quick take The Mixin hack, which occurred in Hong Kong, resulted in cybercriminals stealing approximately 200 million from the crypto firm. Core insight The hack led to significant loss of funds, making it the most significant crypto pilferage of ...

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Is PlayStation hacked That is what most of the news site says. Let 8217 s take deeper look at the Sony hack 2023 and tell you if your information is in danger or in good hands new player has emerged on the dark web, claiming to have breached the f...

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Introduction In recent development, Chase U.K. has made the decision to block cryptocurrency payments, citing concerns related to fraud and scams. This move raises important questions about the relationship between traditional banking institutions a...

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ransomware gang going by the name of claims to have hacked Sony Group Corp. and is offering for sale the data it has stolen. The claimed hack was first reportedtoday by Cybersecurity Connect, which writes that the ransomware g...

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Zeron, the pioneering force in cyber risk posture management, is thrilled to announce significant milestone in its journey toward enhancing global cybersecurity. The company has successfully raised 500,000 in seed funding, with Varanium Capital, pro...

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