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There has been a growing effort to replace manual extraction of data from research papers with automated data extraction based on natural language processing, language models, and recently, large language models (LLMs). Although these methods enable efficient extraction of data from large sets of research papers, they require a significant amount of up-front effort, expertise, and coding. In this work we propose the ChatExtract method that can fully automate very accurate data extraction with mi...

Keywords: coding, natural language processing
The post How to Calculate and Interpret Cramer 8217 s in Python appeared first on datagy.Cramer 8217 s is used to measure the strength of association between two nominal or categorical variables. It 8217 s often used in conjunction with the chi ...

Keywords: tutorial, test, python, metric, statistic
Five Years Ago This week in 2019, the EU Commission decided to mock the public by insisting all the fears about the copyright directive were myths, even as lots of real people were showing up in real life to protest, and journalists were pointing out...

Keywords: course, venture capital, game, test
Attentionconservation notice have no taste, and no qualifications to opineon the economic of socialism whether actually existing or hypothetical ,political philosophy, the social organization and intellectual development ofliterary criticism, or pa...

Keywords: scala, course
Numerous AI-assisted scholarly applications have been developed to aid different stages of the research process. We present an analysis of AI-assisted scholarly writing generated with ScholaCite, a tool we built that is designed for organizing literature and composing Related Work sections for academic papers. Our evaluation method focuses on the analysis of citation graphs to assess the structural complexity and inter-connectedness of citations in texts and involves a three-way comparison betwe...

Keywords: design, analysis
This research paper presents a thorough economic analysis of Bitcoin and its impact. We delve into fundamental principles, and technological evolution into a prominent decentralized digital currency. Analysing Bitcoin's economic dynamics, we explore aspects such as transaction volume, market capitalization, mining activities, and macro trends. Moreover, we investigate Bitcoin's role in economy ecosystem, considering its implications on traditional financial systems, monetary policies, and financ...

Keywords: bitcoin, analysis, cryptocurrency, crypto, blockchain
The explosive advent of the blockchain technology has led to hundreds of blockchain systems in the industry, thousands of academic papers published over the last few years, and an even larger number of new initiatives and projects. Despite the emerging consolidation efforts, the area remains highly turbulent without systematization, educational materials, or cross-system comparative analysis. In this paper, we provide a systematic and comprehensive study of four popular yet widely different bl...

Keywords: blockchain, design, analysis
This research paper provides a comprehensive analysis of Bitcoin, delving into its evolution, adoption, and potential future implications. As the pioneering cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has sparked significant interest and debate in recent years, challenging traditional financial systems and introducing the world to the power of blockchain technology. This paper aims to offer a thorough understanding of Bitcoin's underlying cryptographic principles, network architecture, and consensus mechanisms, pri...

Keywords: bitcoin, analysis, cryptocurrency, spark, network
This research paper addresses the critical challenge of accurately valuing post-revenue drug assets in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, a key factor influencing a wide range of strategic operations and investment decisions. Recognizing the importance of reliable valuations for stakeholders such as pharmaceutical companies, venture capitalists, and private equity firms, this study introduces a novel model for forecasting future sales of post-revenue biopharmaceutical assets. The prop...

Keywords: venture capital, iot
new study has raised the alarm about cyberattack that has the capability of setting smartphones on fire through wireless chargers. The news was published through report generated by researchers from Florida University in collaboration with leading au...

Keywords: test, design, security
As someone new to large language models LLMs and AI, want to break down some awesome research papers suggested by our NLP professor x2026 Continue reading on Medium...

Keywords: nlp, ai
This research paper introduces an innovative payload deployment mechanism tailored for sounding rockets, addressing a crucial challenge in the field. The problem statement revolves around the need to efficiently and compactly deploy multiple payloads during a single rocket launch. This mechanism, designed to be exceptionally suitable for sounding rockets, features a cylindrical carrier structure equipped with multiple independently operable deployment ports. Powered by a motor, the carrier struc...

Keywords: design
Insider Brief Researchers published paper describing new superconducting qubit expected to increase coherence times in quantum processors. Terra Quantum announced the publication of the research paper that introduced the flowermon qubit. The team sai...

Keywords: prototype, scala, quantum comp, qubit
An anonymous reader quotes report from VentureBeat Stability AI is out today with an early preview of its Stable Diffusion 3.0 next generation flagship text to image generative AI model. The new Stable Diffusion 3.0 model aims to provide improved im...

Keywords: transformer, text generation, sampling, openai
The latest YOLO v9 beats RT DETR Realtime Detection Transformer and YOLO MS in accuracy and efficiency.The post Object Detection Gets New Upgrade with YOLO v9 appeared first on Analytics India Magazine....

Keywords: yolo, computer vision, object detection

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