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Introduction Aneka, cloud application platform, streamlines the deployment of applications across diverse cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform GCP . Known for its multi cloud support, Aneka optimizes resource utilization, autom...

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While containers are no longer regarded as entirely new, some businesses are using them for the first time. Unfortunately, inThe post Demystifying Container Security for Developers appeared first on The New Stack....

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Green Computing | Yesterday

What is Green Computing Green Computing, also known as sustainable or eco friendly computing, refers to the practice of designing, using, and disposing of computer systems and technology in an environmentally responsible manner. Its goal is to minim...

Keywords: internet of things, cloud computing

CodeBuilder Docker push issue | Yesterday

I m in the process of developing CodeBuilder project that integrates with my GitHub. The goal is for it to automatically build, test, and deploy to production whenever push is made to specific branch. My setup includes an EC2 instance and an ECR repo...

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Effortless Use of Terraform using GitLab and Azure DevOps Pipelines for VM Deployment on AWS, Azure, andGCPIntroductionIn this era of Digital Transformation, where businesses are migrating their operations to the Cloud, automation becomes our guiding...

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While taking break on vacation, thought it would be great opportunity to play this game with my friends. Armed with just my laptop, was excited to join their adventures. But to my surprise, got stuck building our fortress, not by choice but due to pe...

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How to Speed Up Your Data Analysis 1600x vs Scikit Learn WithCode Image generated using Midjourney based on authorsdrawingParallelizi data analysis workloads can be daunting task, especially when there is no efficient off the shelf implementation...

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Businesses now rely on mobile apps to connect with and interact with customers. Moreover, around 7.49 billion mobile phone users will be worldwide by 2025. It means scalable mobile app is big asset for business or company. But with great opportunitie...

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Best Cyber Monday Apple deals | Yesterday

MacworldIn 2023 Black Friday weekend was great time to find an Apple deal. But it rsquo s not over mdash Cyber Monday concludes the big Black Friday sales, there are still plenty of great bargains to be had on MacBooks, iPads, Apple Watches, and more...

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After reviewing dozens of PC gaming products this year, here are our favorites, from GPUs and CPUs to keyboards and headsets....

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At AWS re Invent 2023, AWS and NVIDIA announced that AWS will be the first cloud provider to offer NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips interconnected with......

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If you rsquo re on the hunt for brand new laptop without spending fortune, you rsquo ve come to the right place. Whether you rsquo re looking for lightning fast gaming rig, portable 2 in 1, or barebones Chromebook, we rsquo ve curated list of the bes...

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Today, Amazon SageMaker launches new version 0.25.0 of Large Model Inference LMI Deep Learning Containers DLCs and adds support for NVIDIAs TensorRT LLM Library. With these upgrades, you can effortlessly access state of the art tooling to optim...

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need to implement content based filtering quot voice search quot process on iOS using Swift language with Natural Language Processing NLP .The primary goal is to extract specific content or intent from user voice input.Currently, I m incorporating...

Keywords: container, node, speech recognition, natural
An exciting chapter is upon us, folks, with the amazing .NET RC 2 Its out, and must admit, its impressivea lot like treasure trove of an adventurer whos had really productive adventure.Lets get to it right away Better Docs Microsofts READMEsWhoa H...

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