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As cloud technologies and containerization evolve, we enter new era of software development where flexibility, scalability, and efficiency become key requirements for any project. Dev Containers, or development containers, represent an approach to cr...

Keywords: linux, docker, git , microservices
Last week, the blue screen of death BSOD appeared on Windows systems across the world, caused by faulty configurationThe post Microsofts IT Outage Reminder Rust Is Better Than C C appeared first on The New Stack....

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AI and accelerated computing twin engines NVIDIA continuously improves are delivering energy efficiency for many industries. Its progress the wider community is starting to acknowledge. Even if the predictions that data centers will soon account for ...

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Many of the key features of Kubernetes naturally fit the needs of AI inference, whether it 8217 s AI enabled microservices or MLThe post Reasons To Use Kubernetes for AI Inference appeared first on The New Stack....

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MacworldWhether you rsquo re looking to gift an Apple product or just pick one up for yourself, we rsquo ve scoured the web for the best prices on everything from Macs to MacBooks, iPads to iPhones, Apple Watches to Apple TVs, and more.If you are won...

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Advances in CS and its growing presence in everyday life have established strong interest in including it in school curricula....

Keywords: ai , design, computer science
The law of diminishing returns is an economic principle stating that as investment in particular area increases, the rate of profit from that investment, after certain point, can t continue to increase if other variables remain constant. As investmen...

Keywords: turing, tpu, security, quant, rust

Calling a REST Endpoint from Azure SQL DB | Yesterday

External REST endpoint invocation in Azure SQL DB went GA in August 2023. Whereas before, we might have needed an intermediate technology to make REST call to an...The post Calling REST Endpoint from Azure SQL DB appeared first on SQLServerCentral....

Keywords: test, container, json, sql, network
CCC spoke with one of its council members, Michela Taufer about her work in high performance computing HPC and her contributions to sustainable AI. Taufer has profoundly shaped the landscape of HPC through pioneering contributions that transcend tr...

Keywords: ai , neural network, design
Multi task Learning MTL and The Role of Activation Functions in Neural Networks Train MLP With and Without Activation Two concepts in Deep Learning, Simple and Important.Image by theauthorIn this article, were going to explore two important concep...

Keywords: neural network, pytorch, transfer learning
Azure used to be cloud platform dedicated to Windows. Now, it s the most widely used operating system on Microsoft Azure. The New Stack s Joab Jackson writes These days, Microsoft expends considerable effort that Linux runs as smoothly as possible o...

Keywords: azure, database, computing, openai, linux
As Kubernetes recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary, container images are at the heart of modern day infrastructure. These container images tendThe post Ways To Improve Your Container Build Process appeared first on The New Stack....

Keywords: network, docker, microservices, spark, security
Large Language Models LLMs deploying on real world applications presents unique challenges, particularly in terms of computational resources, latency, and cost effectiveness. In this comprehensive guide, we ll explore the landscape of LLM serving, ...

Keywords: computing, sampling, quant, cloud computing
Computing has undergone remarkable transformations over the years, with incredible advancements being achieved in numerous areas of research. These developments have been made possible by individuals from diverse backgrounds, who have brought their u...

Keywords: turing, computing, design, test, react

OpenAI API Alternatives | Yesterday

This article reviews top alternatives to OpenAI API, highlighting various AI APIs for different applications like text generation and NLP.The post OpenAI API Alternatives appeared first on Semaphore....

Keywords: chatbot, huggingface, google cloud, generative

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