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In this blog post, have discussed the overview of Virtual Networks and their components in Azure. This blog will help you to learn how to secure your application using Azure Virtual Network. This post also describes the services that provide connecti...

Keywords: design, azure, sql, node, database
Utilize cuML and ATOM to make your machine learning pipelines blazingly fastPhoto by Thomas Foster onUnsplashIntroductionGra Processing Units GPUs can significantly accelerate calculations for preprocessing steps or training machine learning m...

Keywords: algorithms, python, gpu, ml
In the current digital age, businesses must optimize processes and focus on maximum efficiency in order to succeed. Cloud computing offers numerous benefits that can revolutionize the way businesses operate, helping them reduce costs, speed up proces...

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we are happy to announce we have joined the confidential computing consortium, project community at the Linux Foundation that is focused on accelerating the adoption of confidential computing and driving cross industry collaboration around relevant o...

Keywords: rust, foundation, google cloud, turing
MacworldEvery year, Apple introduces new A series processor with its iPhone upgrades in the fall. We don rsquo t expect anything different this year. In fact, the jump to new manufacturing process technology mdash TSMC rsquo s 3nm process mdash gives...

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New AMD Ryzen 7845HX Dragon Range CPU benchmarks show some big performance figures when using PBO in an extremely efficient design. AMD Ryzen 7845HX 12 Core Dragon Range CPU Delivers Great Overclock Performance While Retaining Efficient Design In ter...

Keywords: node, gpu, ios, design, cpu
Receipts contain full snapshot of the in app purchase IAP history for the user. Apps typically send them to Apples verifyReceiptendpoint for verification, which also allows extracting their contents. However, this is not supposed to be done directl...

Keywords: rust, foundation, node, container, design
Ubitus to leverage Google Cloud 8217 s global infrastructure, Graphics Processing Units GPUs , and Virtual Machine VM resources to seamlessly bring more games to life through cloud streaming Ubitus 8217 GameCloudsolution to be available on Googl...

Keywords: google cloud, security, machine learning
Join us on April 5th for full day of online training and discover the latest services and features in Azure designed specifically for .NET developers.The post Announcing Azure Developers 8211 .NET Day appeared first on .NET Blog....

Keywords: azure, visual, ml , computing
Use AWS Controllers for Kubernetes to deploy Serverless data processing solution with SQS, Lambda andDynamoDBIn this blog post, you will be using AWS Controllers for Kubernetes on an Amazon EKS cluster to put together solution wherein data from an Am...

Keywords: api , aws, rust, tpu
If youve read my blogs before or seen me speak youll know that love the DevOps. Provisioning Azure Data Explorer can be complex task, involving multiple steps...The post KQL Series some DevOps things Provisioning using terraform appeared first on SQ...

Keywords: database, azure, sql, metric, analytic
cant really write about provisioning anything in Azure without mentioning Azure CLI.My last two posts were about using terraform and bicep Here we will be using the Azure...The post KQL Series some DevOps things Provisioning using Azure CLI appeared...

Keywords: database, azure, sql, node, linux
The advertising conglomerate based in Taiwan will collaborate with Ennoconn, an investor, to create and advertise smart retail and cloud solutions for the Indonesian market. The investment will assist funP in its shift towards becoming cloud services...

Keywords: startup, google cloud, computing, digital
Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Energy is the first fully managed OSDU Data Platform built for the energy industry. This solution is the first step in unraveling the challenge of datamoving from disparate systems and disconnected applications to hol...

Keywords: scala, ai , ios, low-code
The top 10 machine learning lifecycle management tools in 2023 are essentially enlisted in this article The top 10 machine learning lifecycle management tools in 2023 can help you manage everything from data preparation to deployment in market ready ...

Keywords: tensorflow, scala, computer vision, visual

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