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Explore the fundamentals of rate limiting, different types of rate limiting algorithms, and several techniques and libraries for implementing rate limiting in Go applications.The post Rate limiting your Go application appeared first on LogRocket Blog...

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Discover how AI algorithms are transforming search engine results with improved accuracy, speed, personalization, and content presentation. The post How AI Algorithms are Revolutionizing Search Engine Results appeared first on

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brown dog, muzzle gone graysurely from life well livedtries to climb three steps but falters. Her legs give out, and she twists and falls. Rottweiler limps around kitchen. golden retriever pants in vets office, then hes placed on table, wrapped in me...

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Very large data sets can present estimation problems for some statistical models, particularly ones that cannot avoid matrix inversion. For example, generalized estimating equations GEE models that are used when individual observations are correla....

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1. Learning from ExperienceTraining amp Testing in RL compared with Machine Learning 2. Temporal Difference Learning2.1 Temporal Difference UpdateEquation2.2 TD Learning algorithm in pseudocodeReview3. The Envclass3.1 How can use this inPython 3.2...

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JSON web tokens JWTs are great 8212 they are easy to work with and stateless, requiring less communication with aThe post JWTs Connecting the Dots Why, When and How appeared first on The New Stack....

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Grover's algorithm is one of the primary algorithms offered as evidence that quantum computers can provide an advantage over classical computers. It involves an "oracle" (external quantum subroutine) which must be specified for a given application and whose internal structure is not part of the formal scaling of the quantum speedup guaranteed by the algorithm. Grover's algorithm also requires exponentially many steps to succeed, raising the question of its implementation on near-term, non-error-...

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This paper considers the recently popular beyond-worst-case algorithm analysis model which integrates machine-learned predictions with online algorithm design. We consider the online Steiner tree problem in this model for both directed and undirected graphs. Steiner tree is known to have strong lower bounds in the online setting and any algorithm's worst-case guarantee is far from desirable. This paper considers algorithms that predict which terminal arrives online. The predictions may be incorr...

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This paper leverages machine learned predictions to design online algorithms for the k-max and k-min search problems. Our algorithms can achieve performances competitive with the offline algorithm in hindsight when the predictions are accurate (i.e., consistency) and also provide worst-case guarantees when the predictions are arbitrarily wrong (i.e., robustness). Further, we show that our algorithms have attained the Pareto-optimal trade-off between consistency and robustness, where no other alg...

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Quantum computers are expected to accelerate solving combinatorial optimization problems, including algorithms such as Grover adaptive search and quantum approximate optimization algorithm (QAOA). However, many combinatorial optimization problems involve constraints which, when imposed as soft constraints in the cost function, can negatively impact the performance of the optimization algorithm. In this paper, we propose fermionic quantum approximate optimization algorithm (FQAOA) for solving com...

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The Fighting Game AI Competition FTGAIC provides challenging benchmark for two player video game artificial intelligence. The challenge arises from the large action space, diverse styles of characters and abilities, and the real time nature of the ...

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I 39 ve gone through lot of RL algorithms recently and lot of them seem to be very sensitive to hyperparameters with performances varying by degrees of 10 in some cases in scale of 100. Do reviewers consider them as limitations when evaluating th...

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Parameterized analysis provides powerful mechanisms for obtaining fine-grained insights into different types of algorithms. In this work, we combine this field with evolutionary algorithms and provide parameterized complexity analysis of evolutionary multi-objective algorithms for the $W$-separator problem, which is a natural generalization of the vertex cover problem. The goal is to remove the minimum number of vertices such that each connected component in the resulting graph has at most $W$ v...

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A new runtime environment for the execution of recursive matrix algorithms on a supercomputer with distributed memory is proposed. It is designed both for dense and sparse matrices. The environment ensures decentralized control of the computation process. As an example of a block recursive algorithm, the Cholesky factorization of a symmetric positive definite matrix in the form of a block dichotomous algorithm is described. The results of experiments with different numbers of cores are presented...

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In this paper we provide a quantum Monte Carlo algorithm to solve high-dimensional Black-Scholes PDEs with correlation for high-dimensional option pricing. The payoff function of the option is of general form and is only required to be continuous and piece-wise affine (CPWA), which covers most of the relevant payoff functions used in finance. We provide a rigorous error analysis and complexity analysis of our algorithm. In particular, we prove that the computational complexity of our algorithm i...

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