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Learn how AI and smart home technology can work together to create smarter homes that are more intelligent, personalized, and automated....

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Feeling run down Gurgly stomach mad bathroom rush after drinking your morning coffee The makers of probiotics drinks claim to be able to help by restoring the balance of natural bacteria in your gut.Whether taken in the form of fermented drinks suc...

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By Arduino Team The Internet of Things has the power to transform your home into futuristic web of cutting edge gadgets, working together to make life easier, safer, and more entertaining. And while the IoT has bunch of day to day applications like w...

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iOS 17 officially rolled out to the masses in mid September, which means iPhone users have gotten chance to explore wealth of new features, including Personal Voice, Standby Mode, NameDrop, and more.We rsquo ve already delved deep into our 17 favorit...

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Manufacturing customers face the challenge of deriving insights from their shopfloor to enhance business decisions and production processes. Learn how Syntaxs Synsights platform powered by AWS enables integration of IoT data with manufacturing execut...

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After traveling billions of miles, the NASA OSIRIS REx mission has landed capsule with rocks and dust from the asteroid Bennu in the Utah desert....

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By Shriya Raban WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc announced that it has developed IoT LocalSense algorithm, which optimises the load balancing problem, improves the task localisation execution rate, reduces non local execution and load imbalance, optimises res...

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With the rise of AI and ChatGPT, nothing seems too unthinkable and futuristic in the world of tech anymore. Moreover, products that once seemed advanced read the Amazon Echo when it was first released in 2015 don t seem to be all that advanced any...

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Linkind and OREiN s Matter compatible smart bulbs enhance any smart home with versatility and customization.The post AiDot Linkind 038 OREiN Matter compatible smart bulbs offer bright future appeared first on KnowTechie....

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Waste management is crucial aspect of our daily lives, ensuring our environment remains clean and sustainable. The skip bin industry, often overlooked, plays pivotal role in this process. As with many sectors today, technology is weaving its magic, a...

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In recent space exploration news, NASA 8217 s OSIRIS REx spacecraft has set its sights on new mission after successfully obtaining sample from the ancient asteroid Bennu. Launched in 2016, it took OSIRIS REx two years to reach Bennu and another thre...

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By Magda Dabrowska Soracom Inc. announced that it has partnered with UScellular to offer new Internet of Things IoT data plan that delivers nationwide coverage and simplified pricing for IoT SIMs and eSIMs. Designed to both simplify data costs and ...

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New developer software for STM32H5 leverages STs Secure Manager to simplify safe connectivity to AWS IoT devices platform STMicroelectronics, global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, has added new...

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By Janmesh Chintankar Keysight Technologies, Inc. and Synopsys, Inc. are partnering to provide internet of things IoT device makers with complete cyber security assessment solution to ensure consumers are protected when devices are shipped to marke...

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By IoT Now Magazine Discover the keys to navigate the world of IoT and its transformative potential with Andreas Wolter, vice president of Sales for Europe at Bosch Global Software Technologies. In this interview, Wolter shares his invaluable experti...

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