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Error when building the project with flutter build apk commandI was trying to build my Flutter app and this error shows up Unhandled exception RangeError offset Invalid value Not in inclusive range 0..1303 10068 0 RangeError.checkValueInIn...

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The existing US market for mobile applications is among the largest and most profitable globally. Driven by the increasing use of mobile devices and technological advancements, future growth is expected to boom making it essential for every business ...

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I m trying to run my Flutter app on Android after long time and it won t run successfully because of the below error TextTheme is from package flutter src material text theme.dart .. .. Dev flutter packages flutter lib src material text theme.d...

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I m currently working on React Native project with Kotlin and I m facing some issues during the build process in Android Studio. Specifically, I m encountering Unresolved reference and Unresolved reference BuildConfig errors in my Kotlin files.Reac...

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Is it true that you are mobile app developer however confused about which stage to go for in 2021 for your startup Or on the other hand, you found out about Flutter, and are interested to realize why Flutter 8230 The post Reasons Why Flutter is ...

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Native App Development Native mobile app development includes building applications for specific mobile operating systems, and clients access them from committed app stores, for example, the App Store or Google Play . You can assemble native apps fo...

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Hello, am starting in mobile development since want to create an app, which in my opinion the content of the app is not complicated, but want to add database, graphics, also subscription method. have been learning swift and swiftUI in the last two mo...

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This blog post was originally published at NVIDIAs website. It is reprinted here with the permission of NVIDIA. An exciting breakthrough in AI technologyVision Language Models VLMs offers more dynamic and flexible method for video analysis. VLMs ena...

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Digital Matter, global leader in low power GPS and IoT hardware development, recently announced the next generation versions of their Dart3 and G70 GPS vehicle and equipment tracking devices, with the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy. The G70 BLE and...

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React Js vs React Native n nReact JS could be front end library developed by Facebook. Its used for handling the read layer for the internet and mobile apps. ReactJS permits the US to make reusable UI parts. its presently one in all the foremost common JavaScript libraries and its powerful foundation and huge community behind it. n nReact Native could be mobile framework that compiles to native app parts, permitting you to create native mobile applications, iOS, Android, and Windows, in JavaScript that permits you to use React JS to create your parts, and implements ReactJS beneath the React is ideal for building high performing, dynamic, responsive UI for your internet interfaces, whereas React Native is meant to offer your mobile apps native feel. nName summary, dtype object Name summary, dtype object...

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want to set up an authentication system with Google using react native google signin google signin.The login works well with the authorization prompt.My problem is that if the token has expired or been revoked by the user, the application continues ...

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Austin, renowned for its vibrant tech scene and entrepreneurial spirit, has become hotbed for mobile development services. These firms play crucial role in driving innovation, creating cutting edge mobile applications that cater to diverse industries...

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proguard-rules for flutter plugin | Yesterday

am unable to find documentation or forum posts on how to add proguard for Flutter plugin. In Flutter plugin, we don t have an app folder with build.gradle file as we do in standard Flutter applications. I ve been looking into how to achieve...

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KUBE stock.adobe.comIts estimated that Much of this has to do simply with ease of access for long time, mobile security has relied on and facial recognition.However, as cyber threats evolve, these methods are no longer sufficient to counter the soph...

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TypeScript in Practice | Yesterday

Welcome back to our TypeScript series Today, well explore how to apply TypeScript in real world projects. Well discuss common patterns, best practices, and practical tips for using TypeScript effectively. Whether you re building new application ......

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