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The global mobile internet population is reaching the mark of whopping 4.5 billion in near future, according to giant research firm Statista. The same company states that the number of mobile app downloads worldwide reached 218 billion in 2020. The s...

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Mobile apps are becoming the preferred shopping method as consumers become more comfortable with online shopping. Significantly, the pandemic has further accelerated the trend, which has led to significant increase in the use of eCommerce mobile apps...

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Flutter Basic Widgets OOP Dart Implementation GDSC trainingIn this Repo we will try to implement flutter widgets using simple wayStateless OOPdiv class highlight highlight source dart notranslate position relative overflow auto data snippet clipboa...

Keywords: dart, oop , flutter, container
When it comes to developing mobile applications using React Native, we have twooptions React Native CLI or Expo. For years, We rsquo ve been building andshipping mobile apps using React Native CLI for our projects. While it rsquo spowerful, we rsquo...

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The travel and tourism industry is one of the most explosive industries in the world. It has shown tremendous growth in recent years and has become an integral part of every individual 8217 s life. With this rapid growth, people are now opting for t...

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have been working with flutter webview and just recently upgraded to flutter webview 4. It has cookie authentication which used to work with the previous version of flutter webview.I have migrated most of the things, but cookie authentication isn t g...

Keywords: dart, javascript, java, ios, json
Is it true that you are mobile app developer however confused about which stage to go for in 2021 for your startup Or on the other hand, you found out about Flutter, and are interested to realize why Flutter 8230 The post Reasons Why Flutter is ...

Keywords: mobile app, startup, mobile, flutter
AboutThe project is only made to play with tcp socket connection and flutter framework. No conventions or protocols are followed during data transactions.FeaturesBoth app dart and server python3 are built with standard library. No dependenciesServe...

Keywords: framework, network, python, dart, android
This article provides an in depth guide on how to optimize your mobile app for app store rankings. With the increasing number of mobile apps being released every day, it is essential to ensure your app stands out in the app stores. The article covers...

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The Dart client for Teta CMS | Today

Teta CMSWhat 8217 s Teta CMS Teta CMS is low code back end service made by Teta. We provide Scalable NoSQL databaseReal time subscriptions with socketsUser authentication system and policiesPerform custom queries on your collections with our Ayaya l...

Keywords: scala, tutorial, database, security, android
There are many options for building collapsible accordions in React Native. Learn about where and when to implement them in this tutorial.The post Options for building React Native collapsible accordions appeared first on LogRocket Blog....

Keywords: typescript, mobile, react, ios, native
Flutterwave, the Nigerian fintech giant, recently said it had obtained two licenses from the National Bank of Rwanda, which allow it to offer its services to more than 13 million people living and working in Rwanda. According to Flutterwave 8217 s r...

Keywords: flutter, fintech
React Native is powerful tool for building high quality, cross platform mobile apps. But did you know that you can unlock even more of x2026 Continue reading on Medium...

Keywords: react, react native, typescript, mobile
Flutter deeplink deeplink point 8217 s to specific page in website or mobile app rather than opening up the basic home page or initial screen in mobile app. We have seen few tutorials previously based on deeplink integration in flutter may visit the...

Keywords: android, mobile, tutorial, coding, mobile
have following errors in my manifeast.xml file. not able to get notification due notification icon error. Following are my error listed.URI is not registered Settings Languages amp Frameworks Schemas and DTDs URI is not registered Settings Langua...

Keywords: node, android, java, analytic, flutter

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