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In today 8217 s tech landscape, businesses increasingly use cross platform solutions to streamline their mobile app projects. Users interact with these businesses with devices like smartphones, tablets, web apps, etc. Ensuring these apps function sm...

Keywords: android, dart, typescript, react, flutter
Mobikul is leading Flutter app development services company with over 10 years of experience. loadads Flutter is cross platform app development framework that allows developers to build native looking apps for iOS and Android from single codebase. Fl...

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In the Fall of 2023, G2 recognized Ionic with numerous awards across slew of categories, highlighting how easy it is to get started and build performant apps with our mobile development framework.The post Ionic Remains the Most Usable Mobile Developm...

Keywords: excel, javascript, framework, usability, native
Last year, we partnered with the team at gSkinner to develop Wonderous, reference app to showcase the high quality experiences possible withFlutter.One of the goals for creating Wonderous was to provide an open source example that demonstrates best p...

Keywords: api , node, framework, design
Using Pigeon package to communicate between Flutter and native iOS Android.I want to call flutter function from native and get value back.The function on flutter is defined like this FlutterApi abstract class FlutterApi Bool askConfirmation In s...

Keywords: flutter, test, android, ios, swift
If you are looking for guide to transforming your eCommerce website into an m commerce app, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we have detailed the process you need to adopt to achieve the website to mobile commerce solution. We hav...

Keywords: analysis, mobile app, chatbot, analytic
In the world of mobile applications, where speed, efficiency and responsiveness play key role, the right approach to data queries becomes an integral part of successful development. In this context, GraphQL, an innovative API query language, stands o...

Keywords: api , security, sampling, network
The Snowflake Native App Framework, which leverages Snowflakes advanced architecture, allows for new level of security for applications. This security spans not just the application consumer, but also the application provider. Controlling all softwar...

Keywords: rust, security, database, framework, python

Keywords: mobile, flutter, mobile app
I x2019 ve been Flutter developer for almost three years now x200A x2014 x200A well, two years and ten months, to be exact. During this time, I x2019 ve had the x2026 Continue reading on Medium...

Keywords: mobile app, android, flutter, mobile
It 39 s hard to search for library in Android, feel why Android doesn 39 t have centralized repository where can find all the libraries which makes the job simpler. submitted by u sakarayajitesh1 link comments...

Keywords: flutter, android
NEWTRONIC BANKINGListyo Adi Mobile DeveloperDescriptionNewtr Banking is mobile application that allows you to manage your bank account and make transactions. This application is built using Flutter. This application is still in development stage....

Keywords: android, mobile, mobile app, flutter
FlutterDraggableListViewF is simple Flutter app that allows you to create and manage lists with draggable items. You can reorder items by holding and dragging them to your preferred position. The best part The order of your li...

Keywords: flutter

Flutter vs. React Native | Yesterday

Let apos s start the analysis of the topic, which is better to select Flutter or React Native for work, it x2019 s necessary to recognize where it x2026 Continue reading on Medium...

Keywords: react native, flutter, analysis, react
In today x2019 s digital age, mobile applications have become an integral part of our daily lives. From ordering food to managing finances and x2026 Continue reading on Medium...

Keywords: react native, react, mobile, mobile

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