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Mobile app development platforms have evolved over the years, with different companies using different technologies to build and design great apps that are supported by various operating systems anddevices.This has led to the emergence of three major...

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Flutter features production ready Linux desktop support for the first time as part of Canonical 8217 s ongoing partnership with the Flutter team....

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flutter floatwingA Flutter plugin that makes it easier to make floating overlay windows for Android with pure Flutter. Android onlyFeaturesPure Flutter you can write your whole overlay windows in pure Flutter.Simple at least only line of code to st...

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Introduction Once the multitudes of design decisions are dealt with, the issue of mobile app security becomes the most important to the development team. When software application created for mobile device is tested to see if it works fine on the fol...

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The ever changing fashion Industry requires the business owners to come up with the best for their customers be it in terms of experience, products, offers, and whatnot. Keeping in mind the emerging trends in the fashion industry, do you still think ...

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Why Should you Outsource Mobile App Development Smartphones and related mobile apps have become closely attached to the life of individuals across the globe. In this digital era, man owning smartphone spends significant amount of time in his routine ...

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Dallas boasts of quite wondrous tech landscape. Tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon and even unicorns such as Wattpad, Shopify, Slack, 500Px and Hootsuite have turned Dallas into their permanent abode for some exceptional innovations. 1...

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Build an augmented reality app in Flutter with plugins like ARCore and ARKit that support Android and iOS devices.The post Build an augmented reality app in Flutter appeared first on LogRocket Blog....

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New Osterman Research Findings Reveals Massive, Highly Exploitable Mobile API Attack Surface. Approov New Release Dynamically Manages and Protects all API Credentials for Mobile Apps, Keeping them Secure, Shielding Apps from Attack. SAN JOSE, Calif. ...

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New York has an eclectic and an enormous tech landscape that is accelerating at full throttle. Tech giants such as Slack, MongoDB, IBM Watson, Trello and FanDuel are headquartered in New York City, which is the hub of the most avant garde innovation ...

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1. How much time does it take to build an app 2. How much it costs to build or make an app It is million dollar question for many, whether its well established organization or startup.Today, Our team will clear all your myths through this in detail...

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Flutter Node.js Flutter Local NotificationsIn this post, Ill go over how used FCM, Firebase Functions, and Flutter Local Notifications to send user notification of new follower which is basically Firebases example explained indetail .Getting Started...

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I ve been trying to use Android code in Flutter project to do audio related tasks, and I ve been following Flutter s guide to do so. However, when try to call the method on the method channel, I ve been getting MissingPluginException that says that t...

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The point of building minimum viable product MVP app is to eventually build it up into full scale solution. But this is not an easy, or quick task. In order to successfully achieve this goal, youll need complete plan, knowledge of the market, and a...

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Automatically Translate Your Flutter App | Yesterday

Flutter Package SpotlightIntroductionIf you want to reach global audience, internationalizing your app is key. Flutter makes this easy with the flutter localizations amp intl packages combined with ARB files. However, you still need to translate yo...

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