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Mobile Application Security MAS explores to protect user data and combat security threats. MAS refers to the measures and practices put in place to secure mobile applications against various security threats and vulnerabilities. With the widespread...

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deeper look at the benefits that PWAs provide as well as their limitations.The post PWAs Powerful Part of your Mobile App Strategy, But Not Standalone Solution appeared first on Ionic Blog....

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In recent times, cross platform development frameworks for mobile phones are becoming more popular. They enable developers to develop mobile applications that work on both Android and iOS with single codebase. This reduces time, since developers only...

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JavaScript is constantly evolving, from its roots as simple scripting language into robust, modern tool for building complex applications. To manage larger, complicated code bases, JavaScript developers are constantly looking for ways to improve thei...

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Is it true that you are mobile app developer however confused about which stage to go for in 2021 for your startup Or on the other hand, you found out about Flutter, and are interested to realize why Flutter 8230 The post Reasons Why Flutter is ...

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Whats New in TypeScript 5.4 | Today

What to Expect from TypeScript 5.4UpdatePhoto by Nangialai Stoman onUnsplashTypeScript 5.4 has been released for some time now. It has become smarter and includes some more practical APIs such as Object.groupBy and Map.groupBy. This article will quic...

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want to run virtual device in android studio, but it says error only buildscript , pluginManagement and other plugins script blocks are allowed before plugins blocks, no other statements are allowedsetting.graddle code is def management ...

Keywords: kotlin, android, flutter
On compiling Flutter App to APK and looking in the APK analyser find that 68 of the size of my app is accounted for by one library libVkLayer khronos validation.soTrying to find out now where this dependency comes from, if is it necessary and can ex...

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Chapter of the series of articles The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly x200A x2014 x200A Jetpack Compose, Flutter, and View SystemContinue reading on Medium...

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am developing an app that features non consumable in app purchases. I ve successfully implemented this on iOS, but I m encountering issues with the Android version. have set up an in app product with the product ID quot kaidoku quot and designated ...

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En WWWhatsnew nos encantan las herramientas que pueden optimizar la eficiencia mejorar la colaboracin interna. Es por eso que hoy os hablar de Dart, una plataforma de gestin de proyectos alimentada por inteligencia artificial que se presenta como una...

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I 39 ve never build mobile app before and I 39 ve got an idea about side project that think is better off being mobile app but can 39 t make my mind on the stack. definitely want Go as my backend, pondering on the idea of using protobuf and grpc w...

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Imagine building super fast Flutter app that never leaves your users waiting. That x2019 s where Dart isolates come in Think of them like x2026 Continue reading on Medium...

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Hello everyone Today, We x2019 ll talk about Flutter or React Native. Which one is Better for Your Next App Continue reading on Medium...

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In today x2019 s fast paced tech landscape, selecting the right cross platform framework for mobile app development is crucial. Two major x2026 Continue reading on Medium...

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