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Artificial intelligence may be the hottest thing happening in tech, but what are the best AI tools available to the public for enhancing productivity, improving writing, and generating multimedia content, including sounds and videos From AI tools th...

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Impressed by the current crop of AI startups Check out our list of 10 AI Startups that are disrupting the industry with innovative solutions that deserve your attention.The post 10 AI Startups That Will Disrupt the Industry in 2023 first appeared on...

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Last Week in AI #210 | Yesterday

Top NewsAnnouncing OpenChatKitone paragraph summaryMetas powerfulAIlanguage model has leaked online what happens now one paragraph summarySkydio soars to 2.2 billion valuation after raising 230m Series Eone paragraph summaryOther NewsResearchThese ...

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Generative AI for social work students PartIA paradigmshiftASCII art of puppy produced by the author usingChatGPT.Artificial intelligence AI has advanced incredibly fast in recent years, giving rise to powerful tools known as generative AI and lar...

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Relativity, global legal technology company, kicks offLegalweek 2023spotlighting trailblazers driving AI adoption in the legal industry and announcing new AI advancements inRelativityOnefor review and redaction. Relativity Recognizes AI Industry Vang...

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OpenAI has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate, allowing them to streamline processes, improve customer experiences, and make data driven decisions that drive growth and success....

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As the world undergoes change, millions of people will see their livelihoods impacted as time goes on. The advancement of technology has resulted in productivity gains, income gains, and improvements 8230 The post Optimizing Traditional Agricultu...

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Content:, whose innovation ecosystem enables customers to build production ready enterprise applications, today announced that its low code Interplay platform now includes integrations with Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT, and other OpenAI tools across t...

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OpenAI announces GPT 4 which is much better than ChatGPT, Stanford trains small but powerful LLM based on data generated by GPT3.5, AI product announcements by Microsoft and Google...

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What ChatGPT-4 will mean for AI | Yesterday

IE caught up with AI expert James Coop to talk about what the latest iteration of Chat GPT will mean for AI in general....

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What Nvidia did next | Yesterday

The world s leading GPU maker is profiting from the AI revolution, but faces growing competition from the cloud hyperscalers.The post What Nvidia did next appeared first on Tech Monitor....

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Artificial intelligence AI is poised to fundamentally reshape the practice of law. While there is long history of technology driven changes in how attorneys work, the recent introduction of large language model based systems such as GPT 3 and GPT 4...

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To say that artificial intelligence is trending would be an understatement. After the launch of...The post AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning and What 8217 s Next appeared first on HackerRank Blog....

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Artificial intelligence AI is one of the most hyped technologies of our time. It s easy to get caught up in the excitement and promise of AI, but there are also many myths and misconceptions surrounding this technology. In this post, we ll explore ...

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Another Monster Generative AI Week | Yesterday

Sundays, The Sequence Scope brings summary of the most important research papers, technology releases and VC funding deals in the artificial intelligence space....

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