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OpenAI API Alternatives | Yesterday

This article reviews top alternatives to OpenAI API, highlighting various AI APIs for different applications like text generation and NLP.The post OpenAI API Alternatives appeared first on Semaphore....

Keywords: chatbot, huggingface, google cloud, generative
am trying to make an LSTM model that will detect anomalies in timeseries data. It takes inputs and produces boolean output True False if anomaly is detected . The anomaly pattern will usually be between timesteps in row. Unlike most LSTM examples wh...

Keywords: test, lstm, pytorch, tpu, classification

Recurrent Neural Networks Architecture | Today

Recurrent Neural Networks RNNs are type of artificial neural network specially designed to handle sequential data. Unlike traditional feedforward neural networks, RNNs are structured with connections that create loops, enabling them to retain m......

Keywords: design, network, neural network
Multi task Learning MTL and The Role of Activation Functions in Neural Networks Train MLP With and Without Activation Two concepts in Deep Learning, Simple and Important.Image by theauthorIn this article, were going to explore two important concep...

Keywords: neural network, pytorch, transfer learning
They found that adding extra computation steps to the start of episodes at test time improves the RNN s success rate. Code...

Keywords: test, network, neural network
Pretrained models are Machine Learning models that have been previously trained on large dataset to solve specific task. These models are then used or fine tuned for other related tasks without the need to train them from scratch. So, if you want to ...

Keywords: word embedding, bert , framework
We explore various neural network architectures for modeling the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. Traditional linear models often fall short in accurately capturing the unique and complex dynamics of this market. In contrast, Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) have demonstrated considerable proficiency in time series forecasting. This papers introduces novel neural network framework that blend the principles of econometric state space models with the dynamic capabilities of Recurrent Neural Netwo...

Keywords: time series, turing, metric, cryptocurrency,
Publication Date 2024 07 18 2 50 PM PDT AWSis aware of the issues described in CVE 2024 35198 and CVE 2024 35199 in PyTorch TorchServe versions 0.3.0 to 0.10.0. Customers using PyTorch inference Deep Learning Containers DLC through Amazon SageMaker...

Keywords: test, docker, pytorch, container, api
Rumours suggest that Meta has already begun training Llama 4, which is expected to be multimodal with audio features and integrated into the Meta Ray Ban glasses....

Keywords: gpu, ai , design, openai
Learn how to integrate AI into your .NET applications with Prompty, powerful Visual Studio Code extension.The post Add AI to Your .NET Apps Easily with Prompty appeared first on .NET Blog....

Keywords: test, ai , design, container
This blogpost shows how to augment foundation Large Language Model with any webpage or PDF of your own, which effectively turns our LLMs context aware....

Keywords: openai, sql, transformer, ai
High-efficiency deep learning (DL) models are necessary not only to facilitate their use in devices with limited resources but also to improve resources required for training. Convolutional neural networks (ConvNets) typically exert severe demands on local device resources and this conventionally limits their adoption within mobile and embedded platforms. This brief presents work toward utilizing static convolutional filters generated from the space of local binary patterns (LBPs) and Haar featu...

Keywords: deep learning, neural network, network,
With the increasing enrichment and development of the financial derivatives market, the frequency of transactions is also faster and faster. Due to human limitations, algorithms and automatic trading have recently become the focus of discussion. In this paper, we propose a bidirectional LSTM neural network based on an attention mechanism, which is based on two popular assets, gold and bitcoin. In terms of Feature Engineering, on the one hand, we add traditional technical factors, and at the same...

Keywords: algorithms, lstm, bitcoin, network, neural
Recent advances in deep learning for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) have introduced physics-informed neural networks (PINNs), which integrate machine learning with physical laws. Physics-informed convolutional neural networks (PICNNs) extend PINNs by leveraging CNNs for enhanced generalization and efficiency. However, current PICNNs depend on manual design, and inappropriate designs may not effectively solve PDEs. Furthermore, due to the diversity of physical problems, the ideal n...

Keywords: machine learning, aws, network, deep
OpenAI unveils GPT 4o mini, small AI model powering ChatGPT, Meta releases the biggest and best open source AI model yet, Hugging Face Releases SmoLLM......

Keywords: linux, chatbot, startup, generative, analysis

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