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Nuclear energy is responsible for approximately one fifth of total electricity used in the U.S., and nearly half of the country s renewable electricity. Most of the reactors generating this electricity were built decades ago. The construction of new ...

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Weve been watching Julia, an HPC oriented programming language designed for technical and scientific computing for number of years to see it can make inroads into supercomputing. 8230 The post Julia Still Not Grown Up Enough to Ride Exascale Train...

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VAST Data and CoreWeave today announced partnership to build an NVIDIA GPU powered computing cloud for generative AI, high performance computing and visual effects workloads. Startup CoreWeave is GPU cloud services provider that has attracted more th...

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Lawyers who use AI will replace lawyers who dont. That was the coda of presentation given at the recent HPC User Forum in Tucson by Arizona State University law professor Gary Marchant, graduate of Harvard Law School and professor at ASU since 1999. ...

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Starting today, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon EC2 Hpc7g instances are available in Asia Pacific Tokyo , Europe Ireland , and the AWS GovCloud US West Regions. Amazon EC2 Hpc7g instances are powered by AWS Graviton processors, which are cu...

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Tesla reportedly ramps up partnership with TSMC for Dojo supercomputer chip...

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World's first fully digital chip-based quantum-to- GPU integration will enable error-corrected quantum supercomputing Why it matters The successful integration of SEEQC's chip architecture with NVIDIA GPUs will: Create a chip-based quantum-to-GPU computing solution, compatible with all quantum computing technologies (superconducting, silicon spin, photonics, trapped ion, neutral and cold atom, topological). Combine the best of classical and quantum computing into Quantum Supercomputing....

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We evaluate using Julia as a single language and ecosystem paradigm powered by LLVM to develop workflow components for high-performance computing. We run a Gray-Scott, 2-variable diffusion-reaction application using a memory-bound, 7-point stencil kernel on Frontier, the US Department of Energy's first exascale supercomputer. We evaluate the feasibility, performance, scaling, and trade-offs of (i) the computational kernel on AMD's MI250x GPUs, (ii) weak scaling up to 4,096 MPI processes/GPUs or ...

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With easier access to powerful compute resources, there is a growing trend in the field of AI for software development to develop larger and larger language models (LLMs) to address a variety of programming tasks. Even LLMs applied to tasks from the high-performance computing (HPC) domain are huge in size (e.g., billions of parameters) and demand expensive compute resources for training. We found this design choice confusing - why do we need large LLMs trained on natural languages and programmin...

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Financial Times French billionaire Xavier Niel plans to invest euro 200M in AI projects, including an Nvidia cloud supercomputer, research lab in Paris, and an annual conference mdash Projects include cloud supercomputer, Paris research centre and...

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Online continual learning (OCL) aims to continuously learn new data from a single pass over the online data stream. It generally suffers from the catastrophic forgetting issue. Existing replay-based methods effectively alleviate this issue by replaying part of old data in a proxy-based or contrastive-based replay manner. In this paper, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of these two replay manners and find they can be complementary. Inspired by this finding, we propose a novel replay-based meth...

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Software engineers design software to meet the demands of clients. Furthermore, they are involved in testing, deploying, operating and maintaining software. It is challenging and rewarding field which involves mixture of technical skills and soft ski...

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Hello, am the creator of the VkFFT GPU Fast Fourier Transform library for Vulkan CUDA HIP OpenCL Level Zero and Metal. In the latest update, have added support for quad precision double double emulation for FFT calculation on most modern GPUs. unders...

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Fabricante teria encomendado produo de chips com processo de nanmetros TSMC com previso de entrega para segundo semestre de 2024....

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In this paper we explore the performance of Intel Xeon MAX CPU Series, representing the most significant new variation upon the classical CPU architecture since the Intel Xeon Phi Processor. Given the availability of a large on-package high-bandwidth memory, the bandwidth-to-compute ratio has significantly shifted compared to other CPUs on the market. Since a large fraction of HPC workloads are sensitive to the available bandwidth, we explore how this architecture performs on a selection of HPC ...

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