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your123 stock.adobe.comDatabricks on Wednesday unveiled new features designed to enable enterprise customers to securely and cost effectively develop generative AI models and applications that deliver high quality outputs.Among the new tools is the M...

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Kerala 8217 s startup ecosystem has achieved remarkable milestone. It has reached valuation of 1.7 billion and in just period of 18 months by 2023 end. The figure is impressive and is five times higher than the global average growth rate during the...

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OCC aims to create common standards, APIs, and interoperability protocols to enable seamless integration and provisioning of compute resources The post Why an Open Cloud Network Would Benefit Indian Tech Startups, Developers, IITs appeared first on A...

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Startup hopes to almost triple team size by the end of this year.The post Legaltech startup Alexi looks to ramp up hires with 15 million CAD in new funding first appeared on BetaKit....

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NOW is the best time to build startup in India The post Antler to Invest 10 Million in Early Stage Indian Startups appeared first on AIM....

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The partnership enables streamlined access to Databricks AI Functions, accelerating AI driven business outcomes Qlik, global leader in data integration, analytics, and artificial intelligence AI , announced new strategic integration with Databricks ...

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The California startup ecosystem is often celebrated for its dynamic innovation and rapid growth potential. Yet, one of the most x2026 Continue reading on Medium...

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In this post, we explore the complexities of data privacy and controls on Amazon Web Services AWS , examine how creating landing zone within which to contain such data is important, and highlight the differences between creating landing zone from sc...

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Plus How Apple fell behind in the AI arms race.The post A I The AI Times Cohere had busy week first appeared on BetaKit....

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The latest scientific developments, important investments or inspiring stories in this series, we highlight stories that shape the news of the future. Each week we 8230 Continued...

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1m pitching competition for West Midlands based founders has been launched to uncover promising new tech startups in the region. The One to Win competition was launched at London Tech Week by TechWM startup support organisation for the West Midlands ...

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Intel has published its latest Gaudi accelerator benchmarks in MLPerf Training v4.0, claiming it to be low cost alternative for AI Compute and GenAI workloads. Intel s Gaudi AI Accelerators Shine In Perf In Latest MLPerf AI Benchmarks, Further Tune...

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SpaceXs next rideshare launch is almost upon us, and that means satellite companies have spent the last quarter scrambling to obtain the government permission they need to operate their spacecrafta challenge that can take them by surprise.Case studyT...

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The new Mosaic AI capabilities are part of Databricks ongoing commitment to helping customers harness the power of genAI while maintaining data privacy, quality, and cost effectiveness.The post Databricks Enhances Mosaic AI for Enterprise Ready AI A...

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Worth AI and Stax Payments co founder Suneera Madhani shares what she has learned about building billion dollar business....

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