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In recent months, the once secure and high paying tech industry has left thousands of employees jobless. 160 What started as hiring freeze in some companies has now escalated into full blown crisis as tech industry workers seek new positions due to...

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This act and other steps by the DRC government will help put the country back on the map of credible Africa tech ecosystems with visible legal framework, making it easier for investors to come in, Hannah Subayi, co founder of DRC Impact Angels, told ...

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The growing population increases global food consumption on large scale, while automation in the 20th century allowed farms to operate more efficiently with fewer human resources. But with available land declining, the traditional ways hardly meet th...

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Winners include Real Ventures Katy Yam, Startup Montrals Liette Lamonde.The post Montral Startup Community Awards 2022 honours MTLtechs best and brightest first appeared on BetaKit....

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After healthy fundraising round some months ago, youve got enough cash on hand to get you through the winter of 2022 2023.But what happens on the other side Funds have continued to raise for 2023......

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There are ton of different ways to market your app or software. You can run ads, post on social media, or even go old school and hand out flyers. But one of the most effective and affordable ways to promote your app is through online directories an...

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The Tech Panda takes look at recent funding events in the ecosystem, seeking to know where the cash is flowing. Startup Buyofuel Sector Energy 38 fuel Amount INR11.5 crore Led by Inflection Point Ventures Online alternate fuel marketplace Buyo...

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TIM Ventures is RM45 million investment fund by FWD Group and Artem Ventures for Malaysian insurtech and Islamic fintech startups....

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Qualcomm Semiconductor Mentorship Program announces its first startup cohort for 2022, featuring four semiconductor startups entitled to mentorship, technical training, and industry outreach support....

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Botswana has population of only 2.3 million, very nascent tech ecosystem, and minimal venture capital flowing into the country. So in theory, the SmartBots procurement initiative using hackathons appears to be good opportunity for startups in the cou...

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While this year 8217 s stock market decline was swift, it wasRead MoreThe post Startup valuations are declining but not consistently appeared first on TECH NEWS....

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Shares of the business automation software firm UiPath Inc. pumped hard in extended trading after it posted third quarter financial results that easily beat expectations. On the bottom line, the company narrowed its overall loss. It also offered stro...

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As the owner of startup business, you must use every tool at your disposal to keep your business afloat. Startups, on the other hand, confront number of difficulties as newcomers to the sector, including lack of knowledge and strong networks. Think a...

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The company behind web browser Firefox wants to deliver its own metaverse.The post Mozilla acquires Canadian founded startups Pulse, Active Replica to fuel metaverse strategy first appeared on BetaKit....

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The companies helping build AI startups offer massive amounts of facilities and capital In the past few years, the tech industry has witnessed massive growth in terms of technologicalThe post Top 10 Companies Helping Build AI Startups All Over the Wo...

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