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Use an AI to generate Pokemon in two 2 clicks Here 8217 s fun Colab notebook from Max Woolf minimaxir that lets you use AI to dream up some Pokemon in couple of clicks and with few minutes of waiting . This isn 8217 t remarkable 8211 in recent years, AI generation stuff has got pretty good. 8230...

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Automatic code summarization is beneficial to software development and maintenance since it reduces the burden of manual tasks. Code...

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AI writing tools have come long way since spellcheck. Today, bloggers and marketers use AI writing tools to generate short and long form copy and speed up content production. But while AI writing software can assist in researching, outlining, and creating content, it s not foolproof enough to cut out human writers completely. According to bloggers, AI writing can help supplement your writing process, but you still need to remain in the driver s seat. Here s what five bloggers and entrepreneurs...

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We investigate Entity Chain chain of related entities in the summary as an intermediate summary representation to better plan and ground the generation of abstractive summaries. In particular, we achieve this by augmenting the target by appending it with an entity chain extracted from the target. We experiment with Transformer based encoder decoder models transformer encoder first......

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Import AI 280: Why bigger is worse for RL; AI-generated Pokemon; real-world EfficientNet | Today   

Keywords: design, dall-e, network, nlp, openai   

/jianguda/ Assemble Foundation Models for Automatic Code Summarization | Yesterday   

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How to Make the Most of AI Writing Tools, According to Bloggers | Today   

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Planning with Learned Entity Prompts for Abstractive Summarization | Yesterday   

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