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We employ quantum-volume random-circuit sampling to benchmark the two-QPU entanglement-assisted distributed quantum computing (DQC) and compare it with single-QPU quantum computing. We first specify a single-qubit depolarizing noise model in the random circuit. Based on this error model, we show the one-to-one correspondence of three figures of merits, namely average gate fidelity, heavy output probability, and linear cross-entropy. We derive an analytical approximation of the average gate fidel...

Keywords: analytic, qubit, quant, tpu, quantum
Diraq, global leader in quantum computing, has achieved record control accuracy of 99.9 for quantum bit qubit manufactured by imec using industry standard CMOS materials. This level of precision is required for powerful, full scale, error correcte...

Keywords: quantum comp, qubit, quant, computing
Reading Time min Quantum computing will revolutionize cybersecurity, both as threat and potential safeguard. What challenges await us in the next few years The post How Quantum Computing Can Change the Cybersecurity Landscape appeared first on Secur...

Keywords: quantum comp, cybersecurity, quant, computing
Eindhoven based MicroAlign, spin off from the Eindhoven University of Technology, has secured 1M in seed round of funding to accelerate the commercialisation of high accuracy fiber arrays. MicroAlign is company operating in the micro positioning fiel...

Keywords: startup, quantum comp, turing, venture
There is a growing demand for quantum computing across various sectors, including finance, materials and studying chemical reactions. A promising implementation involves semiconductor qubits utilizing quantum dots within transistors. While academic research labs currently produce their own devices, scaling this process is challenging, requires expertise, and results in devices of varying quality. Some initiatives are exploring the use of commercial transistors, offering scalability, improved qua...

Keywords: qubit, scala, quant, quantum comp,
In this paper, we introduce an efficient and end-to-end quantum algorithm tailored for computing the Value-at-Risk (VaR) and conditional Value-at-Risk (CVar) for a portfolio of European options. Our focus is on leveraging quantum computation to overcome the challenges posed by high dimensionality in VaR and CVaR estimation. While our innovative quantum algorithm is designed primarily for estimating portfolio VaR and CVaR for European options, we also investigate the feasibility of applying a sim...

Keywords: computing, quant, quantum comp, design
The Rise of Quantum Computing Unlocking New Frontiers...

Keywords: quantum comp, quant, computing
team of researchers has developed quantum solver for binary optimization problems that outperforms any previously published alternative. The alternative solver for quantum annealers was tested on IBM quantum computers and could deliver correct solu...

Keywords: test, quant, quantum comp, optimization
Quantum computers are becoming a reality and numerous quantum computing applications with a near-term perspective (e.g., for finance, chemistry, machine learning, and optimization) and with a long-term perspective (e.g., for cryptography or unstructured search) are currently being investigated. However, designing and realizing potential applications for these devices in a scalable fashion requires automated, efficient, and user-friendly software tools that cater to the needs of end users, engine...

Keywords: optimization, scala, quant, machine learning,
The non dilutive funding came from PrairiesCan and the City of Edmontons Edge Fund.The post Zero Point Cryogenics secures 2.67 million to help cool quantum computers first appeared on BetaKit....

Keywords: quant, test, quantum comp, security
Finding an optimal balance between risk and returns in investment portfolios is a central challenge in quantitative finance, often addressed through Markowitz portfolio theory (MPT). While traditional portfolio optimization is carried out in a continuous fashion, as if stocks could be bought in fractional increments, practical implementations often resort to approximations, as fractional stocks are typically not tradeable. While these approximations are effective for large investment budgets, th...

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new pathway for industry to overcome challenges in qubit fabrication and quality control.Continue reading New technique could bring us closer to scalable quantum computer on Tech Explorist....

Keywords: quant, qubit, scala, quantum comp
Computing has already accelerated scientific discovery. Now scientists say combination of advanced AI with next generation cloud computing is turbocharging the pace of discovery to speeds unimaginable just few years ago.Microsoft and the Pacific Nort...

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Entities to spend 5M to examine new methods that could open doors in semiconductorsThe post OTI Lumionics selects Nord Quantique to test materials science appeared first on Electronic Products amp Technology....

Keywords: test, turing, quant, ionic, quantum
Controlled operations are fundamental building blocks of quantum algorithms. Decomposing $n$-control-NOT gates ($C^n(X)$) into arbitrary single-qubit and CNOT gates, is a crucial but non-trivial task. This study introduces $C^n(X)$ circuits outperforming previous methods in the asymptotic and non-asymptotic regimes. Three distinct decompositions are presented: an exact one using one borrowed ancilla with a circuit depth $\Theta\left(\log(n)^{3}\ an approximating one without ancilla qubit...

Keywords: qubit, quant, algorithms

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