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Agenda Aim 1 Preprocess the data Clean the data and remove any irrelevant information. As our data is already in numerical form so we don t need to convert it.2 Train the models Train several supervised classification models such as Logistic Regr...

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DVC Artifact Version Control for MachineLearningIf youre learning Machine Learning, just starting your professional journey in the field, or have some experience under your belt, one challenge you may face is how to keep track of your data, experime...

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Accurately identifying somatic mutations and differentiating them from germline variations is critical for precision oncology and precise tumor mutational burden TMB computation. For this purpose, three trained machine learning models, TabNet, XGBo...

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Amazon Web Services AWS , Google Cloud Platform GCP , and Microsoft Azure are all popular cloud computing platforms that offer wide range of services for data science. Each platform provides variety of tools and services for data storage, processin...

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Linear algebra plays fundamental role in data science. It is used in many areas such as linear regression, principal component analysis PCA , singular value decomposition SVD , eigendecomposition, and more. Linear algebra is used to solve systems o...

Keywords: regression, test, scikit, foundation, analysis
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Machine learning ML is sub set of artificial intelligence AI that allows software applications to become more accurate at predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed to do so.Machine learning algorithms uses historical data as input t...

Keywords: sklearn, python, test, metric, tpu
plt.figure figsize 12,7 ax sns.barplot x models,y accuracy list plt.xlabel quot Classifiers quot ,fontsize 15 plt.ylabel quot Accuracy quot , fontsize 15 for in ax.patches width p.get width height p.get height x p.get x p.get y ax....

Keywords: regression, python, scikit, tpu, statistic
Machine Learning (ML) projects follow a specific life cycle, similar to the DevOps cycle, that guides the development and deployment of ML models. The ML project life cycle consists of several stages that ensure a consistent and efficient way to take your ML projects into production.ML Life CycleLet us go through each one of them in briefDefine the problem and metricsThe first stage of the ML project life cycle is to codify the problem and define success metrics.In this stage, the team evaluates if the given business problem can be solved using ML and defines a success criterion to assess the prediction of the model....

Keywords: ml , machine learning, metric
want to make spam detector. already trained model with XGB Classifier. saved this model using pickle. Then, in different python file, preprocessed sentence from input I vectorized it in Bag of Words and then in TF IDF . After that used train test sp...

Keywords: test, sklearn, transformer, vectorized, machine
recently worked on project where used various regression models to predict the prices of houses in the Boston Housing dataset. The goal was to identify which model would perform the best in terms of accuracy.The dataset consists of 506 samples and 14...

Keywords: scikit, regression, test, visual
Photo by charlesdeluvio onUnsplashReports suggest 80 of computer vision development effort goes directly into labeling large volumes ofdata.But if you talk to any ML practitioners they would unanimously say that this is the worst part of the compute...

Keywords: computer vision, ml , aws
Lately, NLP is taking up most of the public space, much of AI news is focused on LLM after Chat GPT took the spotlight. How do non NLP people keep up with news recently saw post on reddit where tree models are still being improved. There are other t...

Keywords: gpt, nlp, ai , ml
E8Manifold x2014 ML Ops for Serious Data Scientists and Machine Learning EngineersContinue reading on Medium...

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have Pandas DataFrame like below Input data Y binnary targetX1...X5 predictorsSource code of DataFrame import pandas as pdimport numpy as npfrom sklearn.model selection import train test splitfrom sklearn.metrics import roc curve, roc auc scorefrom s...

Keywords: python, test, metric, ml

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