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AWS AI chips deliver high performance and low cost for Llama 3.1 models on AWS | Today

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Y-combinator: START UP 101 | Today

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U.S. Government officials, allies, and private sector leaders discuss responsible AI innovation | Today

Meta AI Chatbot (2024 Review): Is it Worth the Hype? | Today

QuiX Quantum Selected For EIC Accelerator Funding | Today

Llama 3.1 models are now available in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart | Today

Vozo AI can be your ultimate viral video machine | Today

QuantLase Labs Pushes The Quantum Photonics Research Envelope | Today

Google AI Introduces NeuralGCM: A New Machine Learning (ML) based Approach to Simulating Earths Atmosphere | Today

AI In Investor Relations: Whats in the Future? | Yesterday

Why do we need AI? | Yesterday

Cond Nast has reportedly accused AI search startup Perplexity of plagiarism | Yesterday

Llama 3.1 - 405B, 70B & 8B with multilinguality and long context | Yesterday

The state of AI in Latin America | Yesterday

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AI Coding: Human Engineers Are More Important Than Ever | Yesterday

Getting the Most From Your Modern Data Platform: A Three-Phase Approach | Yesterday

CoSAIs dream team: Google, Nvidia, and more join forces for AI safety | Yesterday

Pretrained Models for Machine Learning You Should Know | Yesterday

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